English Day 2019

Last Thursday,  2nd May,  we celebrated our first English Day. Pupils of all ages worked together doing several activities with the same aim: using English as their communication language and having fun doing something different all along the afternoon.

Coaches (the oldest students) prepared the activities the previous days and trainees (the youngest pupils) learned the vocabulary and expressions with their teachers in order to use them during the English Day. Some of these activities were things like dressing some dolls with different clothes, learning the most famous buildings in London, finding the Easter eggs, making a special sandwich…

English Day has been a success and we are looking forward to the next one!!

El pasado jueves celebramos nuestro primer English Day. Todo el alumnado del colegio participó activamente en las distintas actividades que se organizaron con un objetivo común: utilizar el inglés en el aula pasando una tarde agradable.

"Todos hemos de cooperar... aquí cada cual tiene su sitio, su deber, su responsabilidad..."

Pedro Poveda

Boletín Ikasbide

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